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About Raz Designs

Amidst all the directions we’re pulled in today, it’s tough finding swimwear that helps you look and feel your best. RAZ Designs’s Swimwear collection not only channels a woman’s inner beauty, but allows you to embrace the experience of donning a swimsuit. RAZ Designs’ swimwear is designed to make sure you feel comfortable in all the right spots at any size, with meticulous attention to detail around the bust, hips, and derrière. Whether you’re in Mykonos, San Tropez, Miami Beach, or at a backyard barbecue, confidence comes standard with every piece. The collection is an inspired mash up of romance, super heroes, and a woman’s inner warrior: A little bit of everything a woman is and wants.

About the founder

Rachel Sprague, or Raz as she’s been known since childhood, grew up as a native of Santa Cruz, California, where it’s a beach day no matter the temperature. Inspired by the coastal fashions of her hometown, Sprague went for a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco and began working in the business end of fashion as a merchandiser for some of the top brands in the business. A stint as a personal stylist shortly thereafter was also formative but fueled a fire to develop her own designs in her quest for making women feel beautiful. To bridge the gap Sprague enrolled at West Valley College to hone in her design skills and shortly thereafter launched RAZ Designs with a swimwear collection. On top of her love for beach days and design, Raz is a sucker for a sweet lion face and makes a mean margarita.