Can Fragrance Really Improve Your Mood?

While I was getting dressed this morning and doing the essentials like drying hair, putting on makeup, body lotions, accessories, etc., it wasn’t until I was just about to leave that I remembered to spritz myself  myself with a little beautiful smelling perfume! 

Now keep in mind, I am an essential oil advocate and swear […]

Tahiti Diffuser Blend

Sometimes we just need to escape from our day to day but cannot physically leave our responsibilities at that precise moment.

I like to do is take advantage of what I have in my home to mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually take a breather from life. In this case I have shared with you a […]

The Best Beaches in the World

I wanted to share an article I found on town and country website about the Best Beaches In The World!

Some of these photos and beaches are just absolutely gorgeous and some places I may never see but to know they exist and how beautiful our world is is mind blowing!!! There is so many […]

My Weekend Getaway

One of our favorite places to retreat is wine county just north of San Francisco, CA! The smell of harvested vineyards and the sight of rolling hills immediately sets the mind into relaxation allowing the body to follow. Good restaurants, wineries, hotels, hot springs, and even hot air ballon rides are just a few […]