While I was getting dressed this morning and doing the essentials like drying hair, putting on makeup, body lotions, accessories, etc., it wasn’t until I was just about to leave that I remembered to spritz myself  myself with a little beautiful smelling perfume! 

Now keep in mind, I am an essential oil advocate and swear by therapeutic grade essential oils!  I use essential oils everyday whether it be diffusing them or wearing them in a body oil, or just sitting back for a moment and inhaling the scent of my favorite oil blend. However there is also something very beautiful, comforting, and feminine about the moment that spritz of your favorite Eau de perfume hits your senses!: ) 

Change Your Mood With Fragrance

But why does fragrance have such an impact? As it turns out, the answer lies deep in our brains: The limbic center, or the area of the brain that processes emotions is tied to the brain’s olfactory bulbs, which process smells. This close connection in the brain helps make the relationship between smells and moods, scents and memories, quite strong. And it’s not just smell that triggers memory — just the thought of a pleasant fragrance can improve moods as well.

Fragrance-Power Mood Menders

Once you’ve recognized this ability of fragrance to alter mood and performance, the next step is figuring our which scent to use, and when. Common recommendations for getting energy, subdue anxiety, and help bring on the drowsies are below.

To Sleep and Rest:

Lavender has been proven to increase drowsiness, and help bring on sleep and relaxation amongst people exposed to the scent. One study providing lavender-scented items to fifty women attending college concluded, “…lavender fragrance had a beneficial effect on insomnia.”

Anti-Stress and Pro-Joy:

Bring on the lemon, orange, and other citrus to help curb anxiety — as well as being mood-brighteners, these scents help quell stress and tension.

Increase Energy:

People have reported having higher energy, and less fatigue, with the use of peppermint. It can help reduce perceived physical workload, temporal workload, effort and frustration in athletes which in turn will increase energy. Also Rosemary has been known to help with alertness.


So whether you are using it in an essential oil , or your favorite fragrance, whether it’s for an elevated start or a relaxing end to your day, try adding a fragrance or two to your day week or month to help support your health and well being!

Thank you taking the time to check out my blog and may these tips add value and purpose into your life! Any questions or comments please feel free to add them below!

Blessings to you and thank you,