Sometimes we need just a little bit more inspiration in the mornings. I would like to share one of my morning rituals that gets me going for the day. Apart of nurturing our inner goddess is also about feeding the soul and taking care of ourselves in more ways than just physical. Whatever your morning routine consists of, here is a simple recipe to use in your diffuser to help feel cleansed, motivated, and inspired!!!

Add the following to your diffuser and enjoy the benefits!

4-5 Drops of Cleansing Blend – Helps alleviate stuck emotions and negative attachments. Leaves you feeling purified, refreshed, and clean.

4-5 Drops of Encouraging Blend – Helps with motivation, encouragement, energy, and feeling confident.

4-5 Drops of Wild Orange – Positive properties of this oil include Abundant, generous, creative, and enjoying life. It also helps increasing energy.

As you are infusing your space with this lovely blend of essential oils, you may also burn incense and or play music. The frequency is what we want to elevate and to help with attracting more positive into our life feeling wonderful and optimistic as we go into our day and be our best!

Thank you!